Software Tutorial Screen Shot

Screen Capture

Screen capture tutorials display to users exactly what is occurring on the instructor's computer screen. Additionally, screen capturing is relatively cheap and easy to produce with the added benefit of being easily deployed to audiences using free video hosting sites.

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jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile streamlines development of applications/sites compatible with smart-phones, tablets, and standard computers.

Mobile technology is an effective tool for delivering on the job training, in-field documentation, and qualification exams in a wide variety of settings.

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Standards Screen Shot

Lessons (K-12)

Lessons created for commercially viable K-12 curriculums should incorporate existing Department of Education standards. Standards add necessary parameters to the curriculum development process such as information sequencing, learner needs, and content specific requirements.

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Infograms depict data and information using a compact, colorful, and creative approach. The infogram pictured was created using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. Infograms are one of the many ways that a solid foundation in graphic design is essential for instructional designers.

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Stop Motion Animation Film

Stop Motion Animation

Instructional content is only as creative as the instructional developer! Engaging instructional delivery mediums like stop motion animation films encourage content mastery by providing a memorable experience.

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Designing & developing eLearning for our Web 2.0 world~

Rachel Crabtree, Instructional Designer

A little bit about myself…

Historically I learn best by building something tangible with the knowledge to be acquired. From drawings to written articles, what started as a creative and personal habit eventually turned into a career path. My academic pursuits provide me a strong conceptual knowledge base:

Bachelor of Science
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Concentration: Physiology

Master of Arts
Major: Education
Concentration: Instructional Technology

Pulling from past experiences as a teacher, training administrator, and instructional designer my training products incorporate pedagogical best practices into memorable eLearning mediums. If you would like to discuss training materials development, please contact me.


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